august 23-27 1989 

The Fifth International Congress, entitled "Music Therapy and Music Education for the Handicapped: Developments and Limitations in Practice and Research," was a very balanced mix of topics covering music therapy, psychology, music medicine, and special music education. Strategies in the classroom as well as the clinic were emphasized, and techniques for all populations from newborn to elderly persons were presented. The latest technology was shown in sessions that ranged from music in early education to the prison setting.

This was a most practical conference in which the needs of persons with physiological as well as emotional and mental disorders were addressed in workshops and lectures. The plenary sessions were a stimulating contrast of theoretical and empirical research. Perhaps, one of the most outstanding features of this conference was the unique blend of theory and practice, usually separated in conference sessions and in publications. Researchers and clinicians alike were satisfied by the information they received in morning lectures and demonstrations presented in parallel workshops that continued throughout the rest of the day. The 5 days of the conference were energetic, demanding, and, to paraphrase Ben Gerits, left the conferees eager to carry it all back to the workplace.

The proceedings of the symposium contain the papers presented in plenary sessions as well as summaries of workshops. The Holland conference marks the last one sponsored by The International Association of Music for the Handicapped. IAMH merged with IAMA (The International Arts Medicine Association) on 16 April 1991.  IAMA is an umbrella organization representing many smaller groups within the arts medicine movement, and it will address the issues of all the arts as they relate to healing.

The congress was made possible through the efforts of many people, acknowledged in the Opening Address by Ben Gerits. The co-sponsors of the symposium are especially grateful to the Stichting Muziektherapie, Ben Gerits, President; Loek Stijlen, music therapist and board member of the Stichting Muziektherapie; Pieter van den Berk, Madeleen de Bruijn, and Frans Schalkwijk, all members of the Program Committee.

Above all, thanks are due to the wonderful people of Holland, who welcomed all the conference participants with great warmth and hospitality to their magnificent country, whose beautiful context of the week we all shared in Noordwijkerhout.

Rosalie Rebollo Pratt.

Loek Stijlen,

Lolke van Diggelen

Frans Schalkwijk

Dr. Mathew Lee and Ben Gerits, 
Loek Stijlen en Madeleen de Bruijn
Pieter van den Berk, Lolke van Diggelen
Het "Fifth International Congress" Team