Music Therapy in Health and Education in the European Communnity

At 15, 16 and 17 november 1991 a conference about music therapy took place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This PRECONFERENCE MUSIC THERAPY IN HEALTH AND EDUCATION IN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITTY was a sequel to the 5th INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS MUSIC THERAPY AND MUSIC EDUCATION FOR THE HANDICAPPED of 1989 and a preparation on the European Congress MUSIC THERAPY AND MUSIC EDUCATION IN THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITTY that will take place at King's College Cambridge, England, from 1 to 4 April 1992.

David Aldridge, Ph.D. (Research Consultant, Herdecke University, Germany) - Gudrun Brandt, R.M.T. (Prof. Music Therapy,  Herdecke University, Germany) - Jos de Backer (Prof.  Music Therapy, Collage of Higher Education, Belgium)  Tony Wigram (Coordinator European Music Therapy Committee, Music Therapy Advisor, Dept. of Health, England) - Simone Lambregts - Gianluigi Di Franco (Centro Ricerche Musicoterapie, Italy) - Olga Hilgers, RMT (Chair section Music Therapy / Board member EUCREA, The Netherlands) - Ingrid Hammerlund (Director Music Therapy Training Programme, Sweden) - Henk Smeijsters, Ph.D. (Member of the board Stichting Muziektherapie, Prof. Music Therapy/researcher, Hogeschool Nijmegen en Enschede, The Netherlands)

Rachel Darnley-Smith, R.M.T. (Chair-Association of Professional Music Therapists, England) - Patxi del Campo (World Congress Organiser, Spain) - Ben Gerits (Chairman Board Stichting Muziektherapie, The Netherlands) - Margaret Heal, R.M.T. (Chair Conference Committee, England) - Hanne Mette Kortegaard (Prof. Music Therapy, Aalborg University, Denmark) - Maria Sikström (University René Descartes, France) - Pieter van den Berk (Member of the board Stichting Muziektherapie, Prof. Music Therapy Hogeschool Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Simone Lambregts Patxi del Campo Olga Hilgers, RMT Henk Smeijsters Rachel Darnley-Smith, R.M.T. Ben Gerits Margaret Heal, R.M.T. Hanne Mette Kortegaard Maria Sikström [e-mail] Pieter van den Berk